Demo / Stage database

In principle, we install a database in addition to the real database. This staging database (sometimes called a demo database) is provided with a red banner so that it is always clear whether you are working in the real database or in the staging database.
Additional field First name in addresses

By default, Odoo does not distinguish between first and last names in contacts. The Name field is split into first name and last name with this extension.

Additional field First name in employees

By default, Odoo does not differentiate between first and last names for employees. The Name field is split into first name and last name with this extension.
User rights

Create and manage predefined user roles / sets of permissions per group. This extension enormously facilitates rights management. 

Partner Relation

Creation of bidirectional partner relations between two addresses / contacts. For example, "Is subsidiary of / Is parent company of"
Document layout

Documents for D, A and CH
New field: Managing Director in Footer (mandatory)
On documents: recipient address left justified
Compatible with all report layouts

Delivery terms

Delivery conditions can be permanently stored in the contact data record and are inherited from here onto all order and invoice documents without having to select them again and again in the individual documents.
Performance date

Specification of a performance / delivery date on invoices. 


Ability to save the birthday of a contact in the record.
Postcode and city in address

The fields in the contact mask are placed according to the German standard in the order PLZ place.
Product configurator

For modular products, a powerful product configurator is included that works in both the Odoo webshop and the Odoo frontend. The configurator offers the possibility to accompany the potential customer through a configuration process in which certain variant combinations can condition each other or mutually exclude each other. 

Follower automatic

In the Odoo standard, recipients of an offer, an order of an invoice or an order automatically become followers of the respective document, so that they can then discuss this together with the Odoo users. If this is not desired, the automatic addition of followers can be prevented with this additional addon.