Unsurpassed accuracy

With Odoo, you get the power of the best AI algorithms working hand-in-hand with humans.

That's right! Whenever you update the data provided by Odoo, our teams manually review the invoice and develop a customized template. With this template, our AI system can recognize the layout of the document and retrieve the appropriate data. This way, all future invoices from this provider will be processed flawlessly.

Simplify your workflow

Odoo's AI-powered invoice processing helps you become a paperless business.

Not only is data processing much faster, but so is document collection. You can scan your vendor invoices with Odoo's mobile app, email them directly to your database, or even scan hundreds of invoices at once and let Odoo Documents process them in batches!

Say "no" to manual invoice processing

Now you may be asking yourself, "Why should I process my vendor invoices manually when Odoo can do it automatically?"

Well, indeed! Why should you? Say no to thousands of hours filling out forms and classifying papers. Say "yes" to AI-powered invoice automation so you can focus on higher value tasks!

Image and metadata recognition

Your scanned documents are converted using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine before being processed by the AI.

When you upload a PDF file received directly from your supplier, Odoo first looks for embedded metadata: Barcode scanner for Swiss invoices, Factur-X for French invoices, etc. This helps improve accuracy.