Accounting projects, accounting support, DATEV Import & Export, ELSTER, GoBD, OSS

8 employees offer extensive accounting projects and support
Knowledge with diploma, master and bachelor degrees in the field of economics and business administration.

- 6 business economists

- 2 economists

- 2 tax clerks with previous employment in the tax office

Complex requirements can also be implemented:

- DATEV import and export also for several clients, document transfer to DATEV
- Automatic reading of over 5,000 banks several times a day
- Automatic posting of account statements with a hit rate of up to 95% using clearing rules

- VAT registration via ELSTER interface
- Execution of all booking incidents up to the end of the year

- Management of projects, locations, clients, cost centers, cost units
- Budget management for projects, locations, clients and the entire company

- Multicompany facilities with different bookkeeping and currencies

- Consolidation across multiple clients

- Connections to external accounting

- Connection to payroll accounting

- Bookkeeping in the public service (cameralistics)

- Automatic processing of supplier invoices (learning system)

- One-stop shop, EU regulation

- IFRS accounting in Odoo with special IFRS reports

You can find more about the topics DATEV, ELSTER, bank connection, GoBD here