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  • Newest Metro location complete with Odoo in Myanmar: Odoo webshop, sales, shopping, warehouse etc.  
  • Warehouse 5400 sqm
  • Supplying restaurants, hotels etc. with high-quality, ultra-fresh products, custom-made meat, specially packaged fruit and vegetables, local quality products, imported products, kitchenware and many other quality products.
  • With 150,000 employees, METRO AG is one of the leading international wholesale companies
  • 300 users

METRO subsidiary RUNGIS: warehouse management with PICK BY VOICE

  • Used at Metro subsidiary RUNGIS Express
  • Connection from Odoo to the Pick by Voice software
    Lydia from topsystem Systemhaus GmbH
  • Pick by Voice offers the essential advantage that the work steps in the picking process are reduced.
  • The order picker hears the picking instructions via headphones or a vest with loudspeakers and confirms his work step by voice input into the microphone.
  • RUNGIS express supplies selected, fresh top-quality products for the demanding catering trade. The range comprises more than 3,000 products from over 60 countries around the world.


METRO MARKETS -  Webshop und verkaufsplatzform der Metro

  • Mehrere Tausend Kunden nutzen die Plattform, um ihr Geschäft auszustatten. Egal ob Garküche, Restaurant, Bar oder Hotel, auf der Plattform wird dank der extrem breiten Produktpalette jeder Gastronomiebetrieb fündig.
  • Mehr als 600.000 Produkte in verschiedenen Produktkategorien, wie Großküchentechnik, Küchenausstattung, Bürobedarf, Geschirr, Reinigung und vieles mehr. Ob die spezielle Espressomaschine aus Italien, die original Paellapfanne aus Spanien, hochwertige Großküchentechnik aus Deutschland oder auch Einwegartikel für eine nachhaltige und ökologische Speisenpräsentation.
  • Diese und viele weitere Produkte sind für professionelle Kunden auf dem METRO Marketplace erhältlich.


          Renault Logo


          RENAULT RETAIL GROUP is the Renault Group's sales company represented in 12 European countries. As a business unit of the Renault Group, the Renault and Dacia brands are successfully marketed in major European cities.

          As the second largest automotive sales group in Europe, RRG also offers all the advantages of a successful structure at an international level in Germany and is represented at 13 locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich with around 800 employees.

          autoverglasung und grosshandel

          Zentrale Autoglas has been involved in the mobile glazing of buses, trucks, cars and motor homes since 1988 and is one of the specialists in this industry. With over 200 employees at 25 locations in Germany and Austria Zentrale Autoglas is quickly on spot and provides competent and reliable assistance, 365 days a year, around the clock. 


          spritzgussteile - ZERTIFIZIERT nach DIN ISO 9001 und IATF 16949

          • Spritzgussserienfertigung, Bemusterung, Prototypenherstellung und Serienmontage sowie Entwicklung von Werkzeugen.
          • Spritzguss: 30 Arburg Spritzgussmaschinen von 150 bis 1500 KN. Serienmontage: Vollautomatisierte oder manuelle Montage im Mehrschichtbetrieb. Werkzeugbau: Bau von Prototypen- und Serienwerkzeugen in deutschen Fachbetrieben. Reparaturen und Instandhaltung im eigenen Werkzeugbau



          • Assists in the analysis of your business processes, the implementation of new SAP modules or in the search for solutions tailored to your company.
          • IT service company throughout Germany


          • Holistic advice that are important, for example in a business context: team spirit, profit or customer satisfaction.  
          • ChangeMaker activates these entrepreneurial concerns.

          • www.principiamentis.



          • The company offers clinically proven nutritional benefits from green tea antioxidants, stress-reducing amino acids, soluble fiber, vitamin and mineral delivery systems, super fruit extracts, emulsifiers, stabilizers and other ingredients. A growing assortment of ingredients with organic certification completes the Taiyo range.

          Bio technology

          • YUMAB is a global leader in contract research, technology and R&D services for the development of fully human therapeutic antibodies.

          SERVICE 1

          Design DEVELOPMENT

          • Pentatonic designs and creates beautiful consumer products from post-consumer materials that enable a more sustainable and responsible way of daily life and can be recycled again and again


          • PDSVISION is a leading global provider of digital solutions. PDSVISION advises medical technology manufacturing companies. 
            PDSVision provides pragmatic solutions to the challenges of complex product development  

          Participate museum

          • Universum Bremen is a science center with a distinctly experiential character. Visitors will experience scientific phenomena up close and with all their senses at over 300 exhibits. It is a much-visited leisure and cultural facility in Bremen.

          dIENSTLEISTUNG 2 

          disposal EVG gruppe

          • Disposal and recycling at the highest level - that's what the EVG group of companies stands for. Our range of services specifically includes the disposal and recycling of X-ray images and film materials of all kinds, photographic chemicals, printing waste and other hazardous and non-hazardous waste. 

          Parking surveillance

          • 30 years of experience in the park supervision industry
          • 1,200 customers worldwide in 15 different countries
          • 10,000 operating terminals on site
          • Developed and manufactured in-house since 1988

          webshop & liquid Manufacture

          • Manufacturer of liquids for e-cigarettes with outstanding quality. All ingredients are tested in the in-house analytics laboratory, each individual liquid is tuned through many tests to taste perfection before it goes on sale. Only natural flavors are used.

          RETAIL TRADE


          • Coffee Espress has been specializing in coffee machine technology, coffee machines and portafilter for years. Ingo Lober laid the foundation stone in 2006.
          • The Coffee Espress company stands out above all for its complete concept. Customer care begins with individual advice for your perfect catering model, goes through the commissioning and instruction of the device and is rounded off by the technical service after the purchase. You will also find the largest coffee machine exhibition in southern Germany at Coffee Espress. According to the motto "No purchase without enjoyment", all machines are in operation for testing and trying.
          • At Coffee Espress you serve competent employees in the areas of service, sales and espresso bar. Thanks to many years of experience, the employees at Coffee Espress offer you high-quality advice and added value through service and warranty.



          • Dreitimp is specialized in import and distribution of exclusive spirits, excellent champagne and premium glasses from Champagne.


          3d printer

          • Professional 3D printing is revolutionizing the design and production of components.
          • As an innovative manufacturer and full-range supplier of 3D pr of 3D printers and filaments for 3D printing, EVO-tech has been setting new standards for years and perfecting 3D printing together with its customers on a daily basis. 


          • Injection moulding series production, sampling, prototype production and series assembly as well as development of tools.
          • Injection moulding: 30 Arburg injection moulding machines from 150 to 1500 KN. Series assembly: Fully automated or manual assembly in multi-shift operation. Toolmaking: Construction of prototype and series tools in German specialist companies. Repairs and maintenance in our own tool shop

          sport equipment

          • WaterRower GmbH is an established name in the sports and fitness industry. As a manufacturer with its own production facilities, the WaterRower and NOHrD brands stand for first-class sports equipment.
          • High-quality wooden sports equipment is developed and produced - in addition to the well-known WaterRower, the WaterWorkx was the first product to be launched on the market. 
          • The WeightWorkx, the Wallbars, the Swing Dumbbells and the WaterGrinder followed. At the beginning of 2013, the SlimBeam was successfully presented to the sports world.
          • The established label NOHrD stands for quality, design and sustainability.



          • Be4energy GmbH is an innovative Berlin company in the field of network and market integration of renewable energies.
          • Products and monitoring software for the connection, control and data processing of distributed regenerative feeders, loads and storage in distribution networks offer innovative solutions.


          • The Deutsche Carportfabrik has been manufacturing in Mecklenburg since 1999. Administration and sales are located in Hamburg.
          • Over time, the sale of carport kits for self-assembly via configurators developed into a second mainstay alongside the construction of individual carports with full service.
          • Further products have been added. In the area of prefabricated steel garages and aluminium products, a service offer was established with suppliers. 




          • Agile engineering and development center with decades of experience in the market introduction of "Industrialization Ready" products.
          • Patents and proprietary technologies in the areas of audio, acoustics, aviation, transducers, telecommunications, noise suppression and measuring instruments
          • worldwide use in many vertical markets
          • xx users   


          • Quantum technology is the key technology of the future. With revolutionary photonics solutions, Q.ANT makes quantum technology usable industrially, opening up unimagined possibilities in the field of sensors, imaging technology and data security. This is how Q.ANT ensures its customers the decisive Q.ANTum competitive advantage.


          • abberior ist ein weltweit führenden Innovator und Hersteller von hochmodernen hochauflösenden Mikroskopen. Das Team um Nobelpreisträger Prof. Stefan W. Hell legte nicht nur den Grundstein für die superauflösende Mikroskopie, sie gehörten auch zu den ersten, die deren Anwendung in der Biologie, Medizin und Materialwissenschaft entwickelten. 
            Mit der Erfindung und Entwicklung der STED-Mikroskopie gelang es Prof. Hell, zu zeigen, dass man die herkömmlich auf etwa eine halbe Lichtwellenlänge (~200 Nanometer) begrenzte Auflösung im Fluoreszenz-Lichtmikroskop überwinden kann.




          robot development

          • By combining innovative measurement, automation and imaging technology with extensive experience in aviation and close research, offers the systems to work more efficiently, faster and more productively in the aviation industry.


          • The first service robot for the European hotel industry is here: JEEVES.
          • The robot is Roomservice, Roomshopping™, Minibar, Infotainer and Teammate.
          • Robotise designs, develops and installs responsible robot solutions in public and commercial environments such as hotels, care homes and industry.

          handling robots

          • Two partners, one company, one vision - Yuanda Robotics, founded by German engineers and the Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Group, combines the best of two cultures to create a special quality.
          • YUANDA robots are as universal as an ordinary power tool and as easy to use as a smartphone.
          • The YUANDA robot feels, sees and understands. It perceives its environment, constantly learns new things and finds solutions.




          • Metal finishing with 12,000 orders per year and 8,000 articles
          • Whether it is unique dry lubrication for rolling bearings, coatings as a cadmium substitute in aerospace applications, or the development of novel effect pigments for decorative cosmetics, the expansion of the core business through innovation has a high priority.



          • Production of servos/actuators (actuators) as weight and function-optimised products for robots, medical technology, drones or other applications.
          • A servo from Volz is characterised by its compact design combined with maximised actuating force, reliability and durability. In addition, various electrical interfaces offer the possibility of monitoring the operating status of the servo, for example by reading out the current, internal temperature and air humidity, etc.


          • No two safety requirements are the same, but they have one thing in common: Helux AG always has the best technical and economical solution at the ready.
          • Helux AG stands for the highest quality and years of experience in the field of emergency lighting, for competent advice and professional service.
          • Helux AG is the Swiss specialist for the marking and illumination of escape routes. Knowhow for more than 50 years in the field of emergency lighting for air-raid shelters, schools, high-rise buildings and shopping centres. Helux supplies the overall concept.


          FERTIGUNG 6


          • Motesque is a young, fast-growing technology company specialising in intelligent motion analysis systems in the fields of sports, healthcare, ergonomics and science. The approach to analysing human movement surpasses all previous approaches. 
          • The aim is to generate economic benefits from the results of these analyses. With offices in New York (USA) and Cologne (Germany), Motesque operates globally and its systems are used all over the world.


          FMS Logo


          • Service providers and developers of holistic solutions in the field of mobility of the future such as automated driving
          • Intensive use of Odoo in the areas of project management, cost unit accounting and budget management
          • Introductory effort 8 man-days
          • 45 Users


          • The association mü e.V., which is classified as a non-profit organization, is the innovation center in Münsterland for promoting digital transformation. The aim of the association is to generate new forms of cooperation, company start-ups, competitive advantages and value creation for the Münsterland location.  

          mail order trade - wholesale trade - retail trade 


          • over 100 Odoo users           
          • Within a few years alveus® has made a name for itself in the international tea business.
          • No other producer worldwide offers a comparable variety of premium and organic teas.
          • The assortment of organic tea wholesalers continues to grow: Together with customers, hundreds of new teas are developed every year.


          • Furniture production KENNETH COBONPUE
          • Kenneth Cobonpue is a multi-awarded furniture designer and manufacturer from Cebu, Philippines. His passage to design began in 1987, studying Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute in New York. 
          • While completing his studies, he apprenticed for a leather and wood workshop near Florence, Italy. He went on to study Furniture Marketing and Production at the Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg in Reutlingen, Germany, under a private and state scholarship program, and subsequently worked in Bielefeld and Munich.


          bed linen

          • The Alven brand stands for bed linen and home accessories of excellent quality. ALVEN uses only the best yarns, which are woven into fine fabrics in Italy and sewn by hand into bed linen.


          • Sales of tickets for, for example, concerts, theater, workshops and much more.

          mETRO GROUP 

            emergency services

            • Production and sale of emergency service equipment and collection trays for pharmacies
            • custom-made for each pharmacy according to an individual design
            • equipped with the desired components depending on the requirements
            • adapted to the respective installation situation
            • also available in particularly space-saving versions
            • Thanks to the extra-flat or cantilever construction, it can even be installed in sliding and automatic doors
            • highest demands on the extreme endurance run
            • for many years with a timelessly beautiful design



            The range of services related to laser marking of objects is extremely diverse.
            Materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and plastic, but also wood and glass can be engraved. For example, sports trophies can be enhanced by glass engraving, brass branding irons can be created, or components can be made tamper-proof by laser engraving. Stainless steel signs - e.g. a company sign - are also processed using the laser engraving method. 

            High-quality technical engravings are also produced in the industrial engraving sector. Electrode engraving on various surfaces, engraving of embossing tongs or the production of clichés for branding irons are just some of the numerous possibilities in terms of "industrial engraving".

            Success Story


            • As a specialist in the field of media supply in the laboratory area, we produce individual solutions for our customers. From media ceilings and media distributors to media columns, we offer the right technical implementation for a wide range of applications.

                                      ENGINEER SERVICE PROVIDER

                                      Aeropsace industry

                                      • By combining innovative measurement, automation and imaging technology with extensive aerospace experience and close research proximity, provides the systems to work more efficiently, faster and more productively in the aerospace industry.  


                                      mechanical engineering

                                      • IGH deals with questions of general mechanical engineering. A special focus is on hydraulic drives. Feasibility studies, expert opinions and solution concepts are as much a part of our activities as classical design and prototype construction.
                                      • In addition to projects that turn into steel and iron, software solutions for technical problems in the field of measurement, control, regulation and networking are increasingly emerging.
                                      • the main focus: Design work, calculation and simulation, software development



                                      • For more than 25 years a team of engineers and designers for structural engineering with qualification and experience.
                                      • The focus of our work lies in the structural design of buildings, civil engineering structures and bridges.
                                      • Depending on aesthetics, functionality, economy and durability, the structures are designed in reinforced, prestressed, reinforced concrete, solid or wooden construction.
                                      • In addition to private builders and architects, clients include insurance companies, industrial companies, investors, construction companies and public authorities
                                      • 20 employees              


                                      IT SERVICE 1

                                      IT SERVICE PROVIDER

                                      • Nationwide operating IT service company
                                      • The focus is on Linux/Windows system management, high performance computing, technical data management, software development, application management and outsourcing.
                                      • Since 1997, GNS Systems has been planning, configuring and operating complex IT system and application infrastructures for major industrial companies throughout Germany and now also internationally
                                      • 250 Mitarbeiter


                                      IT service provider

                                      • GAB ExactlyIT Solutions GmbH ist ein global erfahrener und professioneller Systemintegrator für modernste Microsoft Technologien. Als mehrfach zertifizierter Microsoft Goldpartner sind wir ein international gefragter Spezialist für die Implementierung, die Transformation und den Betrieb von Private-, Hybrid-, und Public Infrastrukturen.
                                        160 Mitarbeiter


                                      WELTWEIT OPEN SOURCE SUPPORT

                                      • credativ® is a vendor-independent consulting and service company and has been offering comprehensive services and technical support for the introduction and operation of open source software in corporate use since 1999.
                                      • Many of the consultants and support staff are actively involved in numerous open source projects. These include, for example, the Debian Linux operating system and the object-relational database PostgreSQL, as well as many other well-known projects. The employees are among the leading Linux specialists in Germany and also enjoy the highest recognition on an international level.
                                      • This bundled know-how is used by numerous German and international companies and is the basis for comprehensive service and support at the highest technical level.


                                      BIRKENGOLD Logo


                                      • Birkengold® Xylit is a sweetener made from natural plant raw materials. The xylitol or colloquially also called birch sugar comes 100% from Europe and is obtained from the nutrient-rich fibers of the birch bark.


                                      Viridi Foods

                                      • Bei Viridi-Foods erhalten Sie pflanzliche Rohstoffe aus eigener Produktion (100% Made in Germany) mit EU-Bio Siegel. Sie liefern vegane Stärkemehle, Proteinpulver sowie Protein- und Pflanzenmehle der höchsten Qualität. Von der Stärke bis zum Pflanzenmehl erhalten Sie nur die besten Rohstoffe mit regionaler Herkunft!


                                      MEASURING TECHNOLOGY

                                      CLIMATE REGULATION PLANTS

                                      • GrowControl manufactures innovative products for climate control and automation technology in the field of plant cultivation.
                                      • When growing plants indoors, many factors affect the result. Often, the focus is mainly on lighting and nutrient supply. However, the right climate - i.e. temperature and humidity - is often neglected. Precise control of these factors is essential for successful plant cultivation. GrowControl provides optimal support here with its intuitively operated devices, a wide range of setting options and high accuracy.

                                      PowerIO Logo

                                      BUILDING AUTOMATION

                                      • Instead of laying kilometers of cable from central control cabinets to all sensors and actuators and laboriously wiring each connection, the powerIO® system enables a true revolution! powerIO® combines power and data in just one system. It enables a completely decentralized structure of the building installation.

                                      FOOD SUPPLEMENT

                                      Fangocur Logo

                                      healing earth gossendorfer fango

                                      • fangocur has set itself the task of helping people to live a healthy life. One trusts an almost forgotten, proven natural remedy volcanic healing earth.


                                      Pronovis Logo

                                      DEVELOPMENT SUPPLEMENTS

                                      • Since its foundation in Munich in 2003, ProNovis GmbH has specialized in the development and marketing of a wide range of innovative nutritional supplements and medical products for various markets worldwide.  


                                      Vita Natura Logo

                                      FOOD SUPPLEMENT

                                      • Natural and healthy food supplements for a balanced diet, thanks to the extensive range of supplements. Favorable prices and high quality products made in Germany. Here you can find the excellent Vita Natura products directly from the manufacturer in the shop.


                                      SOFTWARE MANUFACTURER

                                      gastronovi Logo

                                      GASTRONOMY SOFTWARE

                                      • The German POS system provider gastronovi offers a multifunctional gastronomy software based on a sophisticated concept and many years of experience of the distributors.
                                      • gastronovi GmbH was founded in 2008 from the existing four-man management team, which is now supported by more than 60 employees.
                                      • Above all, gastronovi GmbH has taken it upon itself to make a contribution to digitalising the catering industry and to make processes such as self-typed menus, handwritten calculations and reservations on paper, orders by telephone and fax etc. a thing of the past.

                                      Creoptix Logo

                                      MOLECULAR ANALYSIS

                                      • Founded in 2009 and located in Wädenswil at the lake of Zurich, Switzerland, Creoptix AG is a private company specialized in optical instruments and consumables for the label-free analysis of molecular interactions at best-in-class sensitivity for life science research and the drug discovery industry. 
                                      • With the WAVE system, Creoptix invites researchers to look deeper and explore wider using a unique biosensor platform. Engineered around a proprietary waveguide interferometry technology, the WAVE system offers superior data quality across the broadest range of samples for unrivaled flexibility and unsurpassed insight. 


                                      Durst Software Development GmbH Logo

                                      WEB TO PRINT SOFTWARE

                                      • Durst is a leading global manufacturer of future-oriented digital production technologies.
                                      • Durst Professional Services offers intelligent and simple software solutions to improve the process from pixel to output.
                                      • The solutions specially tailored for digital printing, with associated consulting and training services, help to optimize printing and simplify the business.
                                      •  Design customizable print products directly in the browser and view them in real time


                                      STADTWERKE  - NETZBETREIBER

                                      Stadtwerke München Logo

                                      PHOTOVOLTAIC CHARGING COLUMNS

                                      • Largest municipal in europe
                                      • 10.000 Employees
                                      • Odoo in the areas of photovoltaics, charging stations, Wind power plant
                                      • Odoo configurator for solar roofs on Homepage
                                      • 70 Users, expansion to 300 Users planned


                                      cONFIGURATOR PHOTOVOLTAIK 

                                      cONFIGURATOR LADESÄULEN 


                                      Metro Logo


                                      • Breitband Ortenau plant und koordiniert den Breitband-Ausbau mit allen beteiligten Städten und Gemeinden und hat den Überblick in Sachen staatliche Fördermittel.
                                      • Wir kümmern uns um die Erfüllung der gesetzlichen Vorgaben aus dem DigiNetz-Gesetz des Bundes – danach müssen unter anderem in Neubaugebieten oder bei Baustellen an Verkehrswegen künftig immer auch Glasfaserkabel mitverlegt werden.
                                      • Sie beauftragen die Errichtung der passiven Infrastruktur: Leitungen, Verteilerkästen, Knotenpunkte in den Gebäuden etc.

                                      STADTWERKE HALL LOGO

                                      STADTWERKE HALL (Austria)

                                      • Hall AG is a municipal provider of electricity, water, heat, IT, real estate, leisure and event facilities.
                                      • Electricity, water, heat and the fast internet come from Hall AG. Hall AG takes care of real estate and parking garages, ensures bathing fun on hot as well as ice kick on cold days and offers a lot more besides the right setting for art and culture.

                                      TECHNICAL TRADE

                                      Schicker Mineral Logo

                                      ODOO + MAGENTO SHOP

                                      • Odoo in combination with Magento shop software
                                      • Manufacturer of building materials, aggregates and special products from mineral raw materials
                                      • Schicker Mineral GmbH & Co. KG is part of the Schicker group of companies
                                      • The group of companies extracts the hard diabase primary rock in the company-owned quarries of Hartsteinwerke Schicker.


                                      uNIVERSITÄTEN / hOCHSCHULEN

                                      HOCHSCHULE COBURG

                                      • Das Institut- für Sensor- und Aktortechnik (ISAT) ist ein im Jahr 2007 gegründetes In-Institut der Hochschule Coburg, welches von Prof. Dr. Klaus Stefan Drese geleitet wird. Das ISAT versteht sich als anwendungsorientiertes Forschungsinstitut und Impulsgeber für technologische Innovationen. Im Vordergrund steht dabei der unmittelbare Bedarf von Kooperationspartnern aus den unterschiedlichsten industriellen Branchen (Automobilindustrie, Medizintechnik, Verfahrenstechnik, Sondermaschinenbau, Luft- und Raumfahrt etc.) an innovativen Produkten und Verfahren.


                                      20.000 USER IN database

                                      • 20.000 users in the database
                                      • Anbindung an TUM Online System
                                      • Connection to TUM Online System
                                      • Odoo for warehouse management
                                      • Chemical goods issue via employee ID cards
                                      • Project scope 200 man days


                                      ORGANIZATIONS - PUBLISHERS 

                                      BV Bestseller Verlag Logo

                                      PUBLISHER + SEMINAR ORGANIZER

                                      • Conduct seminars with over 4,000 participants annually
                                      • Seminars on the topics of sales, marketing and new customer acquisition
                                      • Bestseller forums with the german speaking orator elite
                                      • Bestseller Verlag is very proud to have won over one of Germany's most successful sales trainers and sales speakers, Dirk Kreuter. Through this exclusive collaboration, you will experience exciting seminars and lectures with many AHA effects.




                                      K2 Verlag Logo

                                      MULTICOMPANIES - 3 countries

                                      • Odoo with multicompany facility and connection of three magentoshops.
                                      • One Odoo database, three legally separate companies:

                                      • German company with German chart of accounts
                                      • Swiss company with Swiss chart of accounts
                                      • Dutch company with Dutch chart of accounts
                                      • corporately address management
                                      • corporately Product management
                                      • common warehouse management

                                      MBO Logo

                                      PUBLISHER EMPLOYER SERVICE

                                      • Anyone who works in the field of social insurance knows that a flood of regulations, constantly new regulations and values determine the business. It is not easy to keep track of things. The MBO Verlag supports insurance carriers and the HR departments of companies with products and services in their daily work. Whether print media, seminars, online portals, software, e-magazines or apps - MBO Verlag has the right tool.

                                        With its know-how, the MBO Verlag also helps health insurance companies to maintain contact with insured persons and employers. Media are developed together that are tailored to the health insurance company.

                                      ADVERTISING TECHNOLOGY

                                      Inovisco Logo

                                      ADVERTISING AGENCY

                                      • Truck advertising vehicles & mobile large billboards
                                      • Inovisco Mobile Media GmbH is one of the largest ambient media houses in Germany  
                                      • Market leader in the mobile poster segment
                                      • Full-service provider specialized in the use of poster media, mobile media, promotion, guerilla marketing and aircraft advertising



                                      • Ein Team von preisgekrönten Musikkreativen kuratiert eine regelmäßig aktualisierte Sammlung von Playlists und Songs von führenden unabhängigen Labels, Verlagen, Künstlern und Komponisten, die zur Lizenzierung bereit sind.

                                        Wir haben die erste webbasierte Musik-Pitching-Lösung der Branche entwickelt, um hochwertige Musik für praktisch jedes Briefing zu sammeln. Unser Netzwerk ermöglicht es uns, Tracks von 98% der weltweiten Inhaber von Musikrechten zu pitchen, von unsignierten Künstlern bis hin zu Majors und Independents.

                                        Wir betreuen ganze Projekte, von Budgetierung, Musikstrategie, Recherche bis hin zur Lizenzierung oder Produktion, sowie Vertragsverhandlung und -management.



                                      fURTHER REFERENCES

                                      diagnostic products

                                      • Good diagnostic products require high-quality human biomaterials (sera, standards, control samples, purified proteins and antibodies). Based on this need, in.vent was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the research department of B.R.A.H.M.S. AG.
                                      • Since 2000, in.vent, as an independent entity, has been procuring biological raw materials on a project-oriented basis, primarily for the diagnostics industry. Since 2018, in.vent has been carrying out blood collections for projects in its own "Blut Hilft Forschen" study center.


                                      organic natural cosmetics

                                      • Making products from nature is the most natural and normal thing there is. The natural cosmetics products come from our own production, made by hand and with much love, appreciation and gratitude.
                                      • The herbs come partly from over 1000 meters above sea level in and around the Tyrol region. For the products revitalized spring water from the Tyrolean mountains and native organic oils are used
                                      • In the formulations, attention is paid to the highest possible naturalness and the Austrian Natural Cosmetics Codex B33. The products are certified by Bio Austria Garantie, one of the strictest organic certificates for natural cosmetics worldwide.


                                      COMPLIANCE consulting

                                      • DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH (= DURY CONSULT) is a company of the DURY GRUPPE. 
                                      • It provides specialized consulting services in the areas of data protection, compliance and IT security.


                                      MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY

                                      • mediparts GmbH is an innovative company dedicated to online trading with medical technology. In mid-2012, the business idea matured to build a trading company for medical products.
                                      • now offers over 50,000 high quality articles for doctors, hospitals, alternative practitioners, physiologists and care facilities of all kinds. The offer grows daily and includes all well-known manufacturers, among others Hartmann, MaiMed, TEMCA, Tork, Ampri and B. Braun.
                                      • We offer a high-quality range of products for consultation hours and medical practices, covering all common products in categories such as dressings, hygiene products, practice equipment, emergency, dental, nursing and laboratory supplies. We also offer diagnostic equipment and numerous items in the field of infusion and injection.