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Project planning & controlling

The construction modules enable budgeting, estimating, planning and execution of construction projects. The modules can be used to track the status of planned and actual project progress.
  • Creating project items
  • Material, wages, external services
  • Determination of resources
  • Cost and revenue calculation
  • Budget planning and payment plan
  • Task, material and subcontractor management
  • Cost and quantity variance
  • Tracking material flow and work completion on site
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Project progress forecast and Gantt chart view
  • Final costing
  • shall-is compare
  • Management information system


Procurement module for purchasing materials and managing supplier invoices. Approval workflows and correct handling of taxes.

  • Generation of material price inquiries/orders
  • Offer management - multiple supplier offers
    Approval process
  • Automatic orders for main warehouse and vehicle warehouse
  • Warehouse management with double booking principle (material source - material destination)
  • Transfers between construction sites
  • Full control for drop shipments
  • Each construction site is a warehouse, deliveries to construction sites and returns
  • Full integration of serial and batch numbers
  • Storage of routes (route through the warehouse structure) at article and product group level
  •  Management of rental equipment
  • Multi-currency and multilingual orders
  • Cross-checking of purchasing against budget planning
  • Automatic processing of supplier invoices (PDF file or scan/OCR recognition)
  • Automatic determination of input tax, even for international documents 
  • Return delivery to suppliers, monitoring of incoming credit notes
  • Managing suppliers and tracking down top suppliers according to value 
  • Review and approval of vendor invoices
  •  Approval process

Subcontractor contracting
Contract module for managing and invoicing subcontractors.

  • Subcontractor registration, classification and evaluation
  • Generation of task assignments according to the work breakdown structure
  • Contractor registration and status-based blocking
  • Offer release
  • Task-based payment plans
  • Creation and issue of work orders
  • Tracking billable tasks
  • Invoice release based on work progress
  • Workflow system for the multi-stage approval of work orders and invoices
  • Handling of VAT for subcontractors
  • Abwicklung von Zahlungsbedingungen mit Vorbehalt, Vorschuss, Lastschrift, Gutschrift, etc


    • Construction project management
    • Project budget
    • Subtasks
    • Project change with signature
    • Project payroll accounting
    • Construction site equipment
    • Construction diary
    • Troubleshooting
    • Construction projects on the website
    • Document/drawing management
    • Construction site repairs
    • Waste and disposal
    • Construction risks
    • Inquiry construction machinery
    • Rights management
    • Offer management - multiple supplier offers
      Approval process


    • API
    • ASCII
    • CSV
    • Excel
    • XRechnung
    • ZUGFeRD

    Auf Anfrage

    • BIM
    • EFB
    • GAEB
    • ÖNORM
    • REB
    • STLB-Bau 
    • UGL

Service specifications/quotation

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Odoo • A picture with a caption



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