Odoo LVS warehouse management system

Warehouse management in Odoo is a powerful warehouse management system and covers, among other things:

- Multi-warehouse operation across multiple locations

- Multicompany

- Intercompany

- multi-stage goods receipt

- multi-stage goods issue

- Storage strategies

- Outsourcing strategies

- Rearrangement strategies

- Management of storage zones

- Management of storage compartments (mixed filling, maximum content per item)

- Crossdocking (relocation from incoming goods to outgoing goods, merging shipments from different warehouses)

- Routes such as drop shipping etc.

- Returns

- Sales of SETs

- Returns of SETs

- Credits

- Management of packages

- Connection to sender

- Quality management (test points, storage of files e.g. images, test reports)

- complete barcode processing

- Pick By Voice management

- Operation via handhelds, cell phones, tablets

For example, ZAG is one of our customers with an extensive warehouse