Overview Functions


                        Sell faster
                        - modern user interface 
                        - reduce data entry
                        - mobile

                        - maintaining leads
                        - review leads
                        - import leads
                        - online acquisition
                        - GeoIP
                        - Livechat
                        - duplicate removal
                        - assignment rules
                        - call to action
                        - URL-Tracker

                        - activities and call management
                        - pipeline management
                        - adjust levels
                        - plan meetings
                        - plan next action
                        - 360° transparency
                        - log calls
                        - loss reasons
                        - revised configuration options

                        - address book 
                        - customer preferences
                        - multiply addresses
                        - complete history

                        Efficient communication 
                        - VoIP
                        - email templates
                        - user defined alarms

                        - Dashboard
                        - chance analysis
                        - lead analysis

                        Sell efficient
                        - modern user interface
                        - mobile
                        - reduce data entry

                        Create professional offers
                        - offer generation
                        - offer templates
                        - upselling

                        Manage orders and contracts

                        - sell orders
                        - manage billing from sales orders
                        - customer portal
                        - contracts
                        - Incoterms®
                        - eSignature

                        Streamlining communication 
                        - plan activities 
                        - email gateways
                        - onboarding emails 
                        - multi company management and rule setting 

                        Maintain products and prices 
                        product variants 
                        - discounts
                        - product types
                        - price lists
                        - coupons

                        Intuitive reporting 
                        - next activities
                        traceable KPIs
                        analysis of order and invoicing


                        Clean and fast
                        - modern user interface
                        - Blanket Order Agreement
                        - purchase tenders

                        Calls for tenders
                        - generate tenders for your suppliers

                        - send applications by mail or email
                        - receive offers for multiple articles
                        - personalize your message
                        - automate the process

                        Manage orders
                        - monitor alerts and orders
                        - manage incoming products
                        - automate orders

                        Manage invoicing
                        - create designs
                        - monitor future orders
                        - edit internal movements

                        Edit products
                        set up products 
                        add supplier reference
                        - add product variants
                        - define procurement rules
                        ideal search filters
                        - check inventory and availability
                        determine the storage location
                        create sales conditions
                        add checkout and website specifications
                        include accounting rules

                        Analyze and forecast
                        - Dashboards
                        - inventory forecasts

                        Rules for multiple companies
                        - automatic coordination between companies
                        - An Odoo environment for several companies


                        Automated contract management
                        - automatic creation of clear contracts
                        - automatic billing for customers
                        - automatic tax treatment
                        - automatic payments

                        customer satisfaction
                        - simple registrations
                        - no login required
                        user friendly customer portal
                        - change options for customers
                        - clear overview
                        - easy payment and billing for customers
                        - contracts that can be completed by the customer
                        - no data loss, ever

                        Analyses and forecasts 
                        - monthly recurring sales

                        understand the growth of your business
                        - tracking KPIs

                        Analysis of sales performance
                        analyze per seller 

                        Sales made easier
                        create templates 
                        set up a billing scenario 
                        - manage customer access 


                        Manage invoices
                        - generate customer invoices
                        - print or email quick and easy
                        - issue refunds
                        - rules for several companies
                        - automatically fill in the address
                        - payments with 3-way adjustment
                        - manage supplier invoices
                        - edit recurring bills
                        - included Incoterms®
                        - terms of payment
                        - customer payments

                        Edit payments
                        invoice Overview
                        import bank statements
                        several currencies
                        - get paid online
                        - automate tracking
                        - payment methods
                        - batch payments

                        - complete accounting reports
                        - sales reports
                        - automated tax reports

                        Create dynamic workflows 
                        - create new documents from templates
                        - multiple signatures, shared documents
                        - several roles
                        - copy
                        - automatic archiving

                        Increase productivity
                        - send final documents to everyone involved
                        - see the progress of your document
                        - receive notifications and alerts
                        fully integrated
                        Do business anywhere
                        responsive and compatible with any device
                        personal signature

                        Customize any document  
                        - use fields for dynamic content

                        - name the necessary actions
                        - create your own signature

                        Security and Compliance 
                        data protection

                        Type of documents supported 
                        - PDF documents
                        - all documents


                        Clean and fast 
                        - inventory management with double entries 
                        - mobile
                        - corrected booking transactions 
                        - modern user interface
                        - flexible

                        Basic operations 
                        - supply contracts 
                        - inventory adjustments 
                        - several locations 
                        manufacturing, repairs
                        supporting documents
                        - committee 
                        - were shifts

                        Advanced workflows 
                        - drop shipping
                        - cross-Docking
                        - cleanup and removal strategies 
                        picking - packaging - shipping
                        push and pull of work plans
                        several warehouses

                        - barcode scanner
                        Customer portal
                        Custom alarms
                        intelligent appointment planner
                        powerful search engine 

                        minimum stock 
                        - tenders

                        activity log 
                        - tracking serial numbers 
                        continuous evaluation

                        - product types 
                        - custom fields 
                        expiry date 
                        - various units 
                        several barcodes 

                        Stock valuation  
                        calculation methods 
                        input costs
                        - evaluationmethods 
                        continuous stock valuation 

                        - Dashboard 
                        inventory forecast


                        Fast and clean
                        - modern user interface
                        - mobile
                        - filter and group
                        - completly customizable

                        custom kanban view
                        calendar of appointments
                        - several projects 
                        - document management 
                        - Gantt chart 
                        - diagramms
                        - analysis with pivot tables 
                        time and attendance recording
                        archive tasks

                        customer tickets
                        - email integration 
                        - service level 
                        - automate actions 

                        email integration
                        - custom alarms 
                        activity log
                        - chat with users 
                        - real-time collaboration 

                        Customer service 
                        time sheets
                        - customer satisfaction
                        - forecasts
                        - customer portal

                        - contracts
                        - from sales to tasks easily

                        - internal projects 
                        - service after sales
                        - support contracts
                        - customer projects

                        - Dashboard
                        - problem analysis
                        - task analysis




                        - construction contracts
                        - work orders
                        - orders without billing
                        - repair orders
                        - editable production orders

                        Schedule and plan
                        - planning production
                        - organize work orders
                        - manage BOMs
                        - Work Center Capacity

                        Flexible master data
                        - Create multi-level BOMs
                        - optional workflows
                        - version changes
                        - sets

                        - versioning
                        - technical changes
                        - document management

                        - quality checks 
                        - quality alarms

                        - preventive maintenance 
                        - corrective maintenance
                        - statistics 

                        Workstation control panel 
                        - tablets
                        - record production 
                        - worksheets 
                        - other operations
                        - alarms 
                        - steps to work orders

                        Einfaches Setup
                        Standard Verbindungen
                        - Wifi
                        - Bluetooth
                        - USB
                        - HDMI

                        Can be connected with: 
                        - measuring instruments

                        - cameras                 


                        - foot pedal 


                        - create employee profiles
                        - manage contracts
                        - manage hourly evidence
                        - edit presence
                        - manage vacation days
                        - Dashboards

                        - social company network


                        Manage leave requests
                        - staff requests
                        - approve or reject requests
                        - add comment
                        - add assignment
                        - adapt holiday type
                        - manage each stage


                        - personal Dashboard 
                        Show Gantt chart
                        - Calendar view 


                        job offers
                        - employment websites
                        - backend
                        - applications
                        - automatic indexing


                        - set up appraisal plans
                        - sort reviews
                        - organize interviews

                        Create surveys
                        - design surveys
                        - create templates
                        test surveys
                        - export answers

                        - check display records
                        - administration per team

                        Data record 
                        - ask questions and give answers
                        - add comments
                        check status
                        add attachments
                        - submit to the managers

                           INTEGRATED WEBSHOP 

                        Payment methods
                        - Credit/Debit cards
                        - Split tenders
                        - Currency rounding
                        - Offline payments
                        - Invoicing
                        - Accounting
                        - Customer tips
                        - Prices & discounts
                        - Parallel orders
                        - Customized receipts
                        - Weighting at the counter
                        - Blazing fast search
                        - Multi-step checkout ( Coming Soon )
                        - Sell on the move
                        - Dynamic barcodes

                        Store Management
                        - Order history
                        - Daily sales
                        - Cashier accounts
                        - Cash flows
                        - Stock & Inventory
                        - Franchises

                        Customer & Loyalty
                        - Register customers 
                        - Identify customers 
                        - Business Customers 
                        - Loyalty Cards

                        - Product categories 
                        - Product Search 
                        - Units of measure 
                        - Multiple barcodes 
                        - Product variants 
                        - Large product count

                        Web Application
                        - Browser support 
                        - iPad first 
                        - PC compatible 
                        - Works offline 
                        - HTML5 mods
                        HOMEPAGE  construction kit

                        Intuitive system
                        - What you see is what you get
                        - Modular system
                        - Customization tool
                        - Edit text with word processing program

                        Increase visitor numbers 
                        - Advertising tool
                        - Call to action in social media

                        Convert visitors
                        - Multi-websites
                        - Track links

                        Improve the user experience
                        translation tool
                        - mobile preview 
                        - embedded live chat

                        Design features
                        - templates based on bootstrap
                        layout with flexible grid
                        professional topics


                        Manage vehicles 
                        comprehensive descriptions
                        track mileage
                        - monitor fuel consumption
                        vehicle maintenance
                        overview per car
                        - status values
                        Reports and analysis
                        - Dashboard
                        - Reporting

                          MAGENTO CONNECTOR    

                        - Bidirectional data exchange between Magento and Odoo 

                        - Fully automatic operation: Orders created in Magento are automatically transferred to Odoo.

                        - Non-existent customers are automatically created in Odoo. For follow-up orders, new delivery orders are automatically created.

                        - and invoice addresses are automatically created in Odoo and linked to the master address. 

                        - New customers created in Magento are automatically created in Odoo. 

                        - Prices transferred from Magento have priority over master data prices in Odoo.

                        - Stock changes are automatically reported from Odoo to Magento  

                        - The processing speeds are optimal. Larger application quantities and product updates for tens of thousands of products are easily possible.  

                        - When updating and upgrading Magento and Odoo, the interfaces can be easily adapted, the dependencies of the ERP / Shop versions are minimal.  

                        - Data exchange Product data (attributes, prices, stocks, categories), shop orders, order status, customer master data, package number 


                        Maximize your productivity
                        - create different teams

                        - assign tickets
                        - prioritize tickets
                        - configure automated emails
                        - answer blocks

                        Multiple channels
                        - create tickets by e-mail
                        - create tickets via web form
                        - create tickets via live chat
                        - create tickets in no time

                        Analyze your work 
                        - define your own SLA rules 
                        - Helpdesk Dashboard 
                        - customer review

                        - eLearning 

                        Help Center Forum 


                        Odoo POS can operate any EPSON compatible cash register. Cash registers can be opened manually with a key or remotely from Odoo POS.

                        A PosBox and a PosBox-compatible thermal printer are required to operate the cash register.
                          RESTAURANT / CAFÉ    

                        Restaurant Management
                        - Floor plans

                        - Manage seating
                        - Delayed orders
                        - Kitchen order notes
                        - Split bills

                        split bills
                        - print in kitchen and bar 
                        - edit multiple customers 
                        - picking

                          FINANCE / ACCOUNTING    
                        Manage invoices
                        - generate customer invoices
                        - print or email
                        - issue refunds
                        - rules for several companies
                        - automatically complete the address
                        - payments with 3-way adjustment
                        - manage supplier invoices
                        - edit recurring bills
                        - include Incoterms®  
                        - terms of payment
                        - customer payments

                        Edit payments
                        invoice overview
                        import bank statements
                        - several currencies
                        get paid online
                        - automate tracking 
                        batch payments

                        - complete accounting reports
                        - sales reports
                        - automated tax reports

                        Safe time                                
                        - nice user interface
                        - reduce data entry 
                        - collaboration and alerts 
                        - pay several bills 
                        - easy to set up 
                        - mobile
                        - bank surfaces
                        - supported banks

                        - clean costumer bills 
                        - extended payment terms  
                        - bill draft
                        - spontaneous payment settlement

                        Get paid simply
                        - credit card payments 
                        - automatic tracking
                        - demand arrears
                        - customer portal
                        - extended customer excerpts
                        - check supplier invoices
                        - staff expenses
                        - forecasting expenses


                        Pay bills
                        - print checks                                
                        - deposit ticket
                        - automate electronic transfers
                        - organize payment instructions

                        Bank and cash
                        - automate bank feeds
                        - manage cash registers
                        - import separations

                        Simple vote
                        - smart tuning tool
                        - pending payments easily
                         - reconciliation report


                        Extended access rights
                        - access control lists

                        - support for multiple currencies 
                        - multiple companies
                        - multiply users
                        - multiply journals

                        Performance reports
                        - Business Intelligence Reports
                        - customizable dashboards
                        - annotate each report
                        - customizable KPIs 
                        - permanent financial statements

                        Legal statements
                        - win and loss
                        - Cash Flow Statement 
                        - ledger 
                        - extended management of taxes 
                        - consolidated journal report
                        - balance sheet 
                        - tax reports 
                        - country-specific account statements
                        - tax audit report

                        Analytical accounting
                        - hierarchies of cost accounting
                        - fully integrated
                        - several plans

                        automatic invoicing
                        extension alerts
                        customer portal  
                        recurring sales and additional fees 

                        Assets and sales
                        asset management  
                        revenue recognition 
                        Sales Dashboard

                        - Web Service API  
                        - integration of Google Spreadsheet  
                        flexible import-export

                          MULTI- / INTERCOMPANY    

                        - management of several companies in an OpenERP database
                        - different chart of accounts
                        - optionally common databases, e.g. for addresses, articles, stocks

                        - Processing of intercompany processes 
                        - consolidated evaluations 
                        cross-company warehouse management
                          INTERNATIONAL OPERATION         
                        - user interface in over 50 languages 
                        - document texts in over 50 languages 
                        language per employee adjustable
                        - language change at the touch of a button 

                        - more currencies in sales, purchasing and bookkeeping 

                        financial accounting with over 50 foreign pre-configured chart of accounts

                        - Time zone can be adjusted with every employee

                        - statistics 
                        - heatmap 
                        - filter
                        - process tracking

                        - preview

                        - chat
                        - links
                        - owner and contacts

                        - folders
                        - tags
                        - simple filter
                        - separate PDF's 
                        - working in batch mode 
                        access rights

                        Working together
                        - share folders 
                        - share documents
                        - email gateway

                        custom actions 
                        - close/open 
                        - document request 
                        validation process

                        - projectmanagement 
                        - eSignature
                        supplier invoices 
                        - PLM


                        Chat with visitors
                        - personalize the window behavior
                        - create customized welcome messages
                        - answer from everywhere
                        - Use smileys
                        - create answer blocks
                        - group chat

                        Custom channels  
                        - Customize per country

                        - determine a responsible agent

                        Service Level
                        - rating of entertainment
                        - chat history

                          ODOO FORUM         

                        Post everything
                        - give questions and answers
                        - share links
                        - discussions begin
                        - change and correct
                        - enrich the discussion
                        - embed videos and pictures in your messages
                        - email gateway
                        - notifications

                        - categories
                        - intelligent layout of answers
                        - promote content

                        - rate answers as good / bad
                        - convert to a comment
                        - avoid spam
                        - change and delete
                        - only with registration

                        - official documentation and FAQs

                        - search for each topic 
                        - filter by tags 
                        - sort content 
                        - to raise questions

                        - text layout 
                        - embed images
                        - links and tables

                        - grant badges
                        - karma points
                        - grant access to more tools 
                        - personalization of the profiles

                        Optimize and advertise
                        Improve SEO
                        - user friendly URLs 
                        - share in social networks
                        - social pop-up


                        Effortlessly send great emails
                        - Drag-and-drop editor
                        - What You See Is What You Get
                        - action button
                        - themes
                        - templates

                        Manage campaigns
                         - import contacts

                        - generate individual mailing lists
                        - answer to
                        - plan
                        - testing samples
                        - sign out
                        - A / B testing

                        improve delivery rate 
                        - fully reactive
                        - undelivered emails 
                        - mail server

                        Get insights
                        - archive your campaigns 
                        - KPIs 
                        - undelivered emails 
                        - follow links
                        measure your sales

                         - Drag-and-Drop-Editor
                        - modular system
                        - themes
                        - change menus

                        - talk about offer management
                        - track management
                        - integration backend-to-frontend
                        - management of participants
                        - event organization
                        - event budget
                        Event Information Management - Tracking

                        Advertise and sell events
                        - E-Mail-Marketing 
                        integration of social media
                        - SEO Integration 
                        - integration of Google Analytics
                        - integration of Link Tracker
                        - sell ​​tickets online 
                        - online or offline sales 
                        - manage the sale and increase sales
                        Dashboards and reports


                        - ALLOcloud

                        - Custom Voicemail

                        Virtual fax

                        - Telephone conference

                        - Videocalls 

                        - One number 

                        - Softphone

                        - Internationale numbers
                           DATEV EXPORT AND IMPORT    

                        Accounting export DATEV-ASCII
                        -Export of complete accounting data from Odoo in the well-known DATEV format to DATEV or any other accounting software that can work with the DATEV format
                        - Establishment for a company and short introduction are included

                        Accounting export DATEV-XML
                        -Export of the original and incoming invoices with detailed invoice and document information including document files for the DATEV document import
                        - Prerequisite for the module is the accounting export DATEV-ASCII

                        Accounting import DATEV-ASCII
                        - To import bookings from DATEV to Odoo
                        - Prerequisite is owning the module accounting export DATEV-ASCII
                        - import complete booking data from DATEV to Odoo
                        - For bank bookings, existing invoices in Odoo are automatically marked as paid
                        - Establishment for a company and short introduction are included