FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise vs. Community

What do I need a license for?
The license is required to use the Enterprise version
What makes the Enterprise version different?
from the community version?
The community version is a much more stripped down version. Among other things, because you cannot sign a maintenance contract for them, you do not receive any annual updates. More details hier.
Can you update from the community version to the enterprise version?
This is possible, but the effort must be analyzed individually. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us: info@ife.de.

Contract execution

Who concludes the license agreement with me?
The contractual partner is Odoo S.A.
How does the license agreement link to my database?
As soon as you have entered the M number in the pop-up window of your database, the license agreement will automatically be linked to your database. ATTENTION: The link must be with your real system. The stage database is therefore not intended for this.
 old and new versions
Are there scheduled updates?
Yes. Odoo S.A. initiates a scheduled update to a new version every year. This new version will generally be made available at the end of autumn / beginning of winter.
I have an old version and would like to update. Will you support me in this?
Very much! We regularly carry out updates for our customers. We oversee communication with Odoo S.A. regarding the migration of your database and will help you update any adjustments you may have made to the new version so that you can continue working with all your data and adjustments after the update. We strongly recommend that you seek advice here, as one update process is hardly the same as any other and you should first consider how to proceed.
I'm not sure if I want to update to the new Odoo version. How can I proceed?
No problem! There are now two methods that we can recommend.

1. You can arrange a free remote demo with us at any time. In an hour-long session, we will guide you through the current Odoo version with the focus of your choice, such as warehouse or production.
2. For a small flat rate of €125, we can set up a personal test database with admin rights for you at any time, in which all Odoo functions are available to you, including those that are not available for the public demo for organizational reasons.