Odoo funding for introduction, expansion and upgrade

IFE tool for creating the required digitalization plan


The nationwide “Digital Now” funding program is overloaded. From December 1st, 2020 you can register for a lottery process and if you are lucky you will be asked to submit an application in January. There are probably tens of thousands of applications; we were told a success rate of 5% for the lottery process. Every month there will be another draw until the pot is fully exhausted. Once the application has been accepted, the processing time is approximately 2 months. The project cannot be started beforehand.

The regional programs promise more success.

Digital Now BMWi

Federal Ministry of Economics

Information from the homepage "The funding for 2020 has been exhausted. Quotas from 2021 will be raffled off." According to telephone information, only 5% of applications are selected. The processing time is then 2 - 3 months. Our recommendation: funding through the following regional programs has a better chance of success.

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Digital bonus.Lower Saxony

N.Bank Lower Saxony

SMEs and small freelance planning offices, funding amount of at least 2,500 euros and a maximum of 10,000 euros, investments in digitalization, services, processes, to improve IT security


“Digital bonus” Bavaria

Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy

for the development, introduction or improvement of products, services and processes, through ICT hardware, ICT software, migration and porting of IT systems and IT applications, introduction or improvement of IT security

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"middle class.innovativ - innovation and digitalization voucher" North Rhine-Westphalia

State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Innovation and digitization vouchers are funded for the development and realization of ideas in SMEs in North Rhine-Westphalia: digitization checks or recording the level of IT security, implementation of digitization measures

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“Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Directive – Electronic Commerce (E-Business)” Saxony

Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB)

Grants for planning, conception and preparation of projects, technical implementation, acquisition of software and hardware necessary for its use, introduction of the solutions developed, including training, consulting services, new acquisition of project-specific software and hardware

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“Innovation loan RLP funding program” Rhineland-Palatinate

Investitons- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz  (ISB)

For innovative SMEs, small-mid cap companies and freelancers with at least 2 complete annual financial statements, low-interest investment and working capital financing up to €2 million, for investments and working capital

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"DIGI-Zuschuss" Hessen

Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Landesentwicklung

Promotion of small and medium-sized commercial enterprises and freelance professions in the specific introduction of new digital systems and the improvement of IT security.

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Brandenburgischer Innovationsgutschein (BIG) Brandenburg

Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie des Landes Brandenburg (MWE)

Promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the state of Brandenburg, including craft businesses. For scientific studies, small R&D projects, digitalization measures and advice.

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"Sachsen-Anhalt DIGITAL" Sachsen-Anhalt

Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt

Promoting the development of new, innovative digital products and production processes, business models and business processes, digital marketing and sales strategies, setting up and increasing IT security

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"Digitalisierungsprämie" Baden-Württemberg

Landeskreditbank BW

Bonus for hardware and software purchases, services, further training measures in the context of digitalization, ICT security

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"DigitalStarter" Saarland

The funding program for the digitization of small and medium-sized companies in Saarland. Expenses for the development, introduction or improvement of products and processes are supported

and services through information and communication technology, expenses for improving IT security, which are related to the above. Expenses related services including the migration of previous ones

Funding programs for Austria

Wien Digital  

Who: Small and medium-sized companies that have been operating in Vienna for at least a year

What: Costs for hardware and software as well as external services

Funding criteria: Traceability of the digitalization strategy, quality of the digitalization concept, further development of the company, business relevance

Submission: Ongoing online with the online funding application. The funding application must be submitted before the start of the project.

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The state of Lower Austria promotes the digital transformation of its companies in all sectors.

Who: All company locations in Lower Austria, NEW: No more restrictions on company size

What: Investments in hardware and software, training and internal personnel costs

Funding rate: 50%

Upper limit: New: increased to €70,000

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Examples of digitalization measures

Digitalization in sales

The product data in the company is unstructured and therefore prevents future-oriented projects.

Durch die Einführung eines PIMs unter Einhaltung von Industriestandards können Schnittstellen zu Lieferanten und Kunden einfach und schnell umgesetzt werden.

New sales channels are opened up and data exchange between companies is simplified.

Digitalization in operations

The ERP and warehouse management software are outdated.

The introduction of a new merchandise management network networks the company and acts as middleware for various isolated solutions that are tailored to the company.

Processes are optimized and the networking of manufacturers, dealers and retailers is promoted.

Digitalization in purchasing

The process from the requirement request to delivery is currently done manually using paper and/or email.

The entire process is digitalized using procurement management software.

After implementation, the company saves around EUR 47 in process costs per order.