Replace all business applications with Odoo - full integration with a better user interface


  • Odoo CRM

    Get all the features of Salesforce, with a modern and faster user interface with Odoo CRM.                                                                                                                                             


  • Odoo Website

    With Odoo Website, you get the ease of use of Weebly bundled with real enterprise features: e-commerce, customer portal, events, etc.                                                         


  • Odoo Accounting

    With Odoo Accounting, you get the ease of use of Xero with extra enterprise features: assets, analytic accounting, send invoice and customer follow-ups by regular mail in just a click, etc.


  • Odoo Sign

    The power of Docusign, but in your own management software, fully integrated with your CRM and HR apps.                                                                                                  


  • Odoo Subscriptions

    Baremetrics offers great SaaS KPIs based on Stripe payments. Get the same dashboards for all your payments (including bank interfaces) using Odoo Subscriptions.


  • Odoo Slides

    Don't send your visitors to Slideshare. Publish presentations and videos on your own website and convert them into leads using smart call-to-actions.


  • Odoo Invoice

    Create professional invoice, send by regular mail or email in just a click and get paid faster with online payments and smart customer statements.


  • Odoo Subscriptions

    Recurly is great. But Odoo Subscription is fully integrated with your accounting and service apps.


  • Odoo ERP

    The main reason why we replace SAP by Odoo? You get as many integration and features, but it's way easier and less expensive.                         

Livechat inc

  • Odoo Livechat

    Get the power of live chat to discuss with your website visitors, but fully integrated with helpdesk and CRM apps.                                         


  • Odoo Discuss

    Odoo Discuss is a clone of Slack with an extra integration to all other management apps. Example: subscribe to deals, follow tasks or quotations, etc.


  • Odoo Q&A

    You like Stackoverflow but want to offer the same features for your own customers / visitors? Odoo Q&A is for you.                                


  • Odoo ERP

    Odoo POS

    Get all the features of Vend plus an integration with your e-commerce, accounting and inventory management with Odoo POS.                   


  • Odoo Livechat

    Odoo Recruitment

    Recruitment, talent management, expenses, attendances, etc. All the features of SuccessFactors at a fraction of the cost.                                      


  • Odoo Timesheet

    Get the time tracking flexibility of Harvest (both desktop and mobile) with Odoo Timesheets. Integrate with your project management, resource planning and invoicing.


  • Odoo Project

    With Odoo Project, you get the efficient kanban view of Trello with a bunch of features: mail gateway, timesheets, sales integration, etc.                          

Survey Monkey

  • Odoo ERP

    Odoo Survey

    Integrate surveys in your management processes with Odoo Survey: feedback on support tickets, employee appraisals, lead qualification form, etc.                    


  • Odoo Livechat

    Odoo Email Marketing

    Get all the features of Mailchimp, but fully integrated in your existing apps: call-to-actions on website, automated email on event subscription, after-sales follow-up emails, etc.                          


  • Odoo POS

    Odoo POS is a point of sale as easy and sexy as Square, but that scales. Both in features or number of point of sales.


  • Odoo Q&A

    Odoo eCommerce

    Get the ease of use of Shopify but the advanced features of a full ERP with Odoo Commerce.