Connector Magento versions 2, 1 <-> Odoo versions 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

  • Special development middleware AiO connector
  • Multicompany support
  • No Addons required in Odoo
  • No Addons required in Magento
  • fast, reliable, fully automatic



Complete solution for online and offline trade. AiO Commerce includes the best open source solutions currently available: Odoo and Magento. Together with the integration interface "AiO-Connect" you have an integrated ERP system for e-commerce. The connection of marketplaces like eBay, amazon etc. is comfortably possible. AiO-Connect is a so-called "middleware". That means: on Magentos side as well as in Odoo no major changes and software installations have to be made. As a result, updates and upgrades lose their problems.