Automatic overtime calculation

Expand the Attendance module to:

  • Calculate overtime automatically
  • Build in legally required breaks
  • Includes public holidays and vacations

  • Hours Worked: Hours worked by the employee in this entry
  • Expected: Hours the employee should work that day
  • Statutory working hours (day): Total of the hours that the employee worked with a statutory break on this day
  • Overtime (Record): Hours Worked - Expected
  • Overtime (Historical): Cumulative overtime (record) up to the date of entry
  • Overtime (day): Total of employee entries per day
  • Absence Reason: Leave Type is printed here if there is an employee leave record for the same day

Additional expected time

It will be possible to manipulate the expected working hours by the human resources department (HR manager). It could be that the employee does not want overtime compensation, but rather a gas or meal voucher for a few hours. For example: If he agrees with HR to reduce his overtime by 10 hours and receives a $100 gas voucher in return, then it should be possible to reduce the overtime history through a manual entry.

Legal break configuration

Configure working hours and statutory breaks in the employee profile

Calculate overtime in free time

Select the check box in the leave type that will be used for flextime. If an employee takes a full day of compensatory overtime (flexitime), then it is normal for them to submit a vacation request. In this case, the attendance entry for the planned working time should be zero, so the overtime day should be minus the actual target hours and the overtime history should be minus the actual target hours.

Employee overtime history

If a company wants to start with Odoo presence and the employees already have overtime from the past. then it should be possible to add this time in a line for start with Odoo presence.

Attendance analysis

  • Hours worked: Total of all defined employee entries
  • Overtime (hours): Total of all overtime hours in the defined time frame
  • Absences: Number of sheets in the period