Odoo - License costs

Odoo can be offered in two different versions. You pay nothing for the community version!
The extended Enterprise-version costs

29,90*/37,40 € € per User /month for all 83 modules
* for the first 12 month
When concluding a 3 or 5 year contract, the price of € 29.90 per user applies for the entire term.
These fees include the warranty from the manufacturer Odoo SA as well as the migration fees for major updates, e.g. from Odoo version 16 to Odoo version 17.
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The user price of € 29.90 per month includes all 83 modules.

When purchasing individual programs, the following monthly costs are incurred with the competition, for example:

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All 82 Odoo modules at € 37.40 per month and user already beat the cheapest package from Salesforce at € 75.00 per user, although Salesforce is only a CRM solution. 


Compared to Microsoft Dynamics, the price is up to four times higher. If you then include the other 60 Odoo modules such as e-Commerce, Marketing, eSign, Colloboration, Video Conference, POS etc., the Odoo price advantage becomes even clearer. 

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*) as of: 14.01.2019