Odoo - License costs

Odoo can be offered in two different versions. You pay nothing for the community version!
f you are interested in the features of the Enterprise version, Odoo will cost you € 18.00 per user per month with annual billing in advance. In addition, there are still fixed monthly costs for the apps used. These are user-independent.
A calculation example:
An Odoo CRM system with 10 users costs you per month:
10 User * 18,00 € + 16,00 € CRM App = 196,00 € per month
An Odoo ERP system with 50 users and purchase, sales, accounting, warehouse, project and manufacturing apps costs you per month:
50 User * 18,00 € + 196,00 (Apps) = 1.096,00 € per month
These fees include the warranty on the part of the developer Odoo SA and the migration fees for major updates, such as. from Odoo version 11 to Odoo version 12.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Verglichen mit dem Odoo CRM (10 User) für insgesamt 196,00 € pro Monat schlägt bereits das günstigste Paket der Firma Salesforce mit 75,00 € pro User, also 750,00 € (bei 10 Usern) zu Buche. Dies entspricht 382%, also fast dem  Vierfachen des Odoo Preises! *


The Odoo ERP solution for € 1,096.00 per month for a total of 50 users means a price of € 21.92 per user per month. In contrast, the Microsoft Dynamics license costs € 97.00 per user per month (at best)! *

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*) as of: 14.01.2019