Project management and billing

In Odoo, the following services can be offered, delivered and billed simultaneously in a project / order. For this we have created numerous expansion modules. Each project is automatically a cost unit, which automatically posts all internal costs such as employees, expenses, etc., all external costs such as subcontractors and all revenues.
  • Billing by time and material                     
  • Billing at a fixed price
  • Billing according to project milestones (multiple budget billing / final invoice)
  • Sale of time packages e.g. a support package of 100 hours
  • Sale of hardware e.g. a server
  • Sale of licenses, automatic, e.g. annual calculation
  • Subsequent sale of licenses with proportional calculation, e.g. until the end of the year

Sales document with automatic installation of project / cost unit, tasks, delivery notes, maintenance contract and purchase orders, permanent target / actual comparison between ordered, delivered, calculated 

Project planning - Gantt Chart

Task Management by Level - Kanban Display

Task Management by Employee - Kanban Display

Task Management - List Display

Graphical evaluations

Project Evaluation

Project planning advanced features

Resource Management

Mobile time tracking

Project Planning & Controlling (PPC):
The construction project modules enable budgeting, estimating, planning and execution of the construction project. The modules also allow you to track the status of planned and actual project completion.
  • Create the project positions
  • Determination of resources
  • Cost and revenue calculation
  • Budget planning and payment plan
  • Task, material and subcontractor management
  • Cost and quantity variance
  • Tracking of material flow and completion of work on site
  • Portfolio reconciliation
  • Project Progress Forecast and Gantt Chart View
  • Post calculation
  • Target - actual comparison
  • MIS System


The procurement module helps with material purchasing and the tracking of supplier invoices. The Odoo Craftsman Software also helps to correctly handle taxes and other compliance costs.

  • Generation of material price enquiries/orders
  • Quotation management - Multiple suppliers Quotations and comparison of quotations with approval process
  • Collective orders for several projects
  • Automatic orders for main warehouse and vehicle warehouse
  • Warehouse management with principle of double posting (material source - material target)
  • full control for drop shipments
  • Transfers between construction sites
  • each construction site is a warehouse, deliveries to construction sites and take-backs
  • full integration of serial and batch numbers
  • Storage of routes (route through the warehouse structure) at article and merchandise category level
  • Management of rental equipment
  • multi-currency and multilingual orders
  • Cross-checking Purchasing against Budget Planning
  • Automatic processing of supplier invoices (PDF file or scan/OCR recognition)
  • Automatic determination of input tax also for international documents
  • Return delivery to suppliers, monitoring credit memo receipt
  • Manage suppliers and track top suppliers by value, quality and failure rates
  • Verification and release of vendor invoices
  • supplier analysis

The contract module helps with the administration and accounting of subcontractors.

  • Subcontractor registration, classification and evaluation
  • Generation of task assignments according to project WBS
  • Contractor registration and status-based blocking
  • offer approval
  • Task-based payment plans
  • Creation and output of work orders
  • Track billable tasks
  • Invoice release based on work progress
  • Workflow system for multi-level approval of work orders and invoices
  • Handling value added tax for subcontractors
  • Processing of terms of payment with reservation, advance payment, direct debit, credit note, etc.