Time tracking

Time tracking

For the human resources and project modules Odoo provides a comprehensive time tracking. The modules are available as free open source software. You can keep track of your employees working hours. The system can be expanded via a paid terminal.

Time recording functions in OpenERP

- Time tracking on projects
- Comparison attendance times - posted on Projects times
- Acquisition in the analytical accounting for the management of
  budgets, plans, costs
- Continue calculation
- Evaluation and review by Head of Department
- Alerts in time reporting
- Multi units: hours, days, weeks

The terminal can be operated with RFID chips in cards or keychain. The   communication takes place directly between OpenERP and the terminals, this solution requires unlike many other no separate database and no separate software for synchronization with the terminals. [Nbsp] The system language can be changed. [Nbsp]

All time intervals for logins and logouts are defined in Odoo, this means that there is usually no need to manually enter data on the device. But if necessary, it is possible to enter data manually.