Risk Management

Business Continuity Management and Risk Management for your projects

Manage the risks to your projects in line with your Project Management Approach. Business Continuity Planning as it should be - for small and large organisations. Avoid the 'Buried Word Document Syndrome' manage your actions to deal with your risks within OpenERP Project Tasks.

The Risk assessed as your Risk Manager wants it.

Capture your risk, describe it properly.

Establish your Risk response and capture your actions in one screen.

Accommodating the fact that the author and owner of a risk are mostly not the same person and that actions on risks are done by different employees.

Quantify your Risk as well as your Risk Response

Identifying High Impact Low Probability risks to your business is pretty straight forward, but don't forget to capture the lowered impact after your actions have been implemented.

You are completely free in choosing any numeric scale you like to arrive at your Inherent Risk and Residual Risk Score.


Follow risks, take part in the discussion, document further how you arrived at value judgements.


Organise your actions

Use the Kanban view to get an instant overview on risks and their actions.


Actions are visible everywhere

Visible where relevant: project tasks and sales my tasks

No need to check Risk Actions, the actions are visible in tasks, easy identifiable with their Risk ID in addition to being coloured green in a task list view.


Revising your risks

Use the risk list view and the available groupings to make risk review sessions a breeze.