Neuerungen Odoo 11

Neuerungen Odoo Version 11

Wichtige Features in Odoo11

  • Leistung 3x schneller : Mit Odoo 11 können Sie Ihre Leistung bis zu 3x schneller steigern
  • Einführung einer brandneuen IOS Mobile App in Odoo 11.
  • Erstellen und bearbeiten Sie Ihre eigenen Apps mit dem neuen Odoo Studio
  • Vorlagen für Berichte - Neue benutzerfreundliche und einfach anzupassende Vorlagen für Berichte in Odoo 11.
  • Mit Odoo 11 können Sie nun Aktivitäten nach Ihrer Aufgabe und Verfügbarkeit planen .
  • Verbesserter Website-Builder mit aktualisierten Funktionen wie Seiten-Builder, verbesserte Themen usw.
  • Planen Sie Ihren Termin und Ihre Besprechungen nach Bedarf mit dem Meeting-Terminplaner .
  • Verbesserte MRP zur Überprüfung der Qualität, Schritte und Überprüfungen von Integrationen im Arbeitsblatt.
  • Verbesserte Buchhaltungsfunktionen wie SEPA-Lastschrift, SEPA-Überweisung, Robuste Bankschnittstellen
  • Verbesserte Funktionen für die Bestandsverwaltung wie Verwaltung von Ausnahmen, Verbesserte Barcode-Scanner-Benutzeroberfläche, Verbesserte FIFO- und Landekosten usw.
  • Support für Python 3 mit verbessertem Kundenportal, Migrationsstrategien usw.
  • ist das neue Odoo Entwicklungs- , Test- und Bereitstellungstool


Odoo 11 Dashboard

Einige hervorgehobene Features

  • Service: timesheet, revenue/cost computation, timesheet grid ux improvement, timesheet dashboard
  • Acuity scheduling: sms integartion, phone validation, online appointment
  • Salary package configuration: “plan cafetaria” as employee, configure yourself your salary package based on a employer cost. Select advantages according your needs.
  • Organisation chart: have a quick look of the position of any employees from the employee form
  • Match payment with several invoices
  • Prevent negative invoice: The goal is to prevent people using invoices to make credit note (problem in the naming of the document but also in the reporting, the invoice is not in the correct menu, etc.).
  • Plan next activities: configure a next activity workflow to automatically plan todos of your department. E.g: crm, plan a call then a mail and then a meeting
  • New views: edit kanban, instance widget in standalone.
  • Packages/packaging: the product packaging and the delivery packaging. We have created two menu entries, one for each feature and modified the views to make them more specific to the feature. 

Odoo is giving a run for money to not only it’s fellow opensource implementors but also to big licensed software providers. From the beginning Odoo has understood the basic requirements of businesses/users from the grass-root level and has done a tremendous job by very wisely putting into place the objects and relevant features. This user friendly interface is winning hearts across all the industries.

Keeping up with technological development, Odoo rolls out features at regular intervals in their new version releases. Synconics as an official Odoo partner take up the opportunity to publish cumulative information gathered from various sources. This we feel could be useful for the readers in terms of knowing what are the new proposed features in next roll-out i.e. version 11.

For this version, Odoo has focused most of their efforts on improving the API so it will run faster and be easier for developers to work with. This isn’t to say there’s nothing for the end user though. Odoo has made small changes to many apps to make them more intuitive and more useful. They’ve also introduced global keyboard shortcuts and a global search feature to make navigating Odoo quicker and easier than ever.

To begin, there will be iOS application for Apple users. Also planned is Marketing Automation – for marketing campaigns, and Multi Company, Multi website, Multi themes, Multi domains. Induction of Taxation as a core standard module. Look & feel of the website can be changed. In POS, inclusion will be of road maps related to pricelist, multi pricelist for different customers, tips management.

Improved filters, you can save your filter setting. The new appointment scheduling – to get your visitors or customers from your website to schedule a meeting someone from your company, whether it’s a salesperson, customer service person, it is integrated with Odoo, it will be available in SaaS release and in Version 11. Improved Odoo Studio roll out. New in helpdesk in version 11 – Timesheet integration, billing of helpdesk tickets, links to project management, integration with chatters, ability of live chatting.

  Functional Changes:

Timesheet app

  • New view for Timesheet recording.
  • Validation policy: Decide to invoice on recorded timesheets or on approved one.
  • New report has been added to analyze the differences between attendances and timesheets.
  • New timesheet flow: Create timesheet entries using the mobile app, tasks, and/or the timesheet menu. Then, a manager approves them and launches the invoicing through the approvals menu.
  • Automated reminder functionality has been added.

New Product Catalog app

  • Install the Product app to access the catalog from your apps dashboard.

 Accounting app

  • New module to import CAMT.053 XML files to populate bank statements.
  • Analytic accounting analysis.
  • Hierarchical Chart of Accounts.

 Subscription app

  • New dashboard, cohort analysis, analysis by company and all companies.

 Discuss app:

  • Counter near starred items.
  • Users can now type some shortcuts directly in the text box. For example: /leave to leave the channel, /who to list who is in the channel and /help to see a list of commands.

New payment acquirer:

  • Payumoney and payment Stripe.


  • Odoo WMS: picking form improvements, changes in delivery slips, variants menu entry.
  • Odoo Subscription: onboarding, adding tags on self subscriptions.
  • Odoo Accounting: Revenue recognition usability improvements.

 Keyboard shortcuts

  • Details on the top right menu on the home page.


  • Manage purchase agreement, blanket.

New global search in the home page (start typing something to see relevant menus)

New website dashboard


Odoo is working on localization for several countries, like USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, UK, Latin America, Mexico, Singapore, India, Middle East and Odoo partner countries. Working on localization for current and accurate chart of accounts, taxes, legal reports, electronic invoices, API code for tax requirement, UBL has been developed for localization for some European countries. Right to left, writing script feature for Middle East countries. Localization development has been done for Mexico; electronic conversation links to PIC available in enterprise version of Odoo 11.

Though under development process Python 3 is planned to be released with Odoo version 11. There will be Performance improvement, optimization of views in version 11, especially in web client, time to load wizard is also reduced.

New communication Mechanism in version 11:

Improved the way we manage messages. You have two icons, notification and next activities. In notifications you get inbox messages, if the message is not read it is in white color and turns grey when read, just like in email inbox. In next activities it informs you about the next activities.

As we move along this journey in Odoo there will be many more features to enhance user experience from existing great interface and functionality.