100 % Subsidiary of Airbus - 3D printing with metals such as Titanium, Aluminum, Cobalt, Chrome


In light of the increasing amount of new, complex technologies and manufacturing process solutions available within AIRBUS Group, APWorks was created to leverage this knowledge, offering it to the outside world.

As a 100% AIRBUS Group subsidiary, the company maintains close working relationships with the AIRBUS Group research and technology arm AIRBUS Group Innovations, as well as the corporations divisions Airbus Commercial, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence & Space.

Located near Munich, Germany, at the Ludwig Boelkow Campus, which was founded to pool high technology initiatives together, APWorks is situated in close proximity to AIRBUS Group divisions and other high tech companies such as IABG or Siemens.

Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, represents a new alternative to production processes such as milling, melting, casting and precision forging. The high flexibility in part design, production and testing offers considerable benefits to the customer in terms of cost and time.

APWorks has a deep understanding of each manufacturing phase necessary to produce a 3D printed part from beginning to end. Having also the means to control each phase of the AM value chain, APWorks can offer services, which are most flexible, responsive and customized to various industries’ needs:

  • Bionic design optimization
  • Concept development & consulting
  • Prototyping & job shopping
  • High quality powder production
  • Parts qualification
  • Repair and maintenance