If any document (offer, invoice, order etc.) is created, not only products but also text blocks can be selected when adding new lines. For this purpose there is a new data object "Text block".  

The text blocks can process dynamic placeholders, such as the e-mail templates in Odoo, so that data from the database, such as the salutation of the recipient of a document can be output automatically. 

In addition, the text modules can be formatted and can contain bold, italic and underlined text, enumerations (unsorted and numbered), tables, images or hyperlinks, etc.
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The module provides the possibility to add any number of text blocks before and after the order lines. An option in the individual text blocks can force a page break after a text block. 

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Two new fields are added to the documents Quotation / Sales Order, Bill Draft / Invoice) and Quotation / Repair Order.    Text blocks can also be selected in these fields, which are then output in the PDF offer / sales order, invoice draft / invoice and cost estimate / repair order above or below the order lines. 

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The individual text blocks can be archived according to their use in documents. For this purpose, the module has been extended by an archive function and offers the possibility to archive a selection of list elements.